03 July 2014


The kimono is  a T-shaped, straight-lined traditional Japanese robe.Today the kimono has taken off around the world as a fashion trend and Summer is the right time to get them out of your closet.It's worn by almost all ages and can be worn with everything underneath like bikinis,shorts,pants,skirts,dresses but also by itself as a dress.Kimonos come in different colours,designs,shapes.lengths and with or without a fringe.

 With kimonos you can create a Boho look but it's also suitable for a more classic style.You can turn a simple pair of denim shorts and a tank top into a fashionable look.

The Kimono is perfect for layering during Summer because it is airy and light for the hot weather and for a cooler Summer's night.

Besides wearing it over your clothes it is also a great beachwear piece worn on top of your swimsuit and with a fedora hat you can make the perfect beachwear style.

I wish you all a fabulous and fashionable Summer!!!!

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