15 September 2017


Hello everyone,
It's School time again!!!
Having troubles finding the perfect outfit for school??
This blogpost is for you!!

The key for the perfect school outfit is to be comfortable! this jumpsuit is comfy and easy to wear!

Wear it with sneakers,a t-shirt underneath it and a jacket and you are ready to go!

Find clothes that will keep you warm!
The weather is still hot but for the very cold days you need something that will keep you warm!
This knit will keep you warm and cozy!!
Pair it with a pair of denim jeans and sneakers or boots.
You won't only be warm but fashionable as well!!

Last but not least don't forget that it's important to always dress appropriate for school! Don't go to school dressed as if you are going to a party.
If you want to wear a dress to school the best option is a t-shirt or a shirt dress but be careful of the length .You don't want to go to school with a mini dress!
Pair it with white sneakers and a leather jacket and so effortlessly you have
created a perfect outfit for school!

Thanks for reading!!

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